uConnect North-East Outage

We are currently experiencing an outage on Sector 1 at The Wrekin which is affecting uConnect customers in the Northeast region.

Engineers are currently on route to the location. We will update with further information when it becomes available.

Update 1 – 8/12 20:15: Engineers have identified that the radio equipment on this sector needs replacement. We are working with the mast owners to schedule the work.

Update 2 – 9/12 14:30: Temporary equipment has been put in place which has resumed service for around 70% of affected customers. Unfortunately we still have no confirmed ETA for climbers to replace the original failed equipment.

Update 3 – 10/12 10:50: All but a handful of customers have service restored. Some have been moved to alternate sectors, while most are connected to temporary equipment.┬áReplacement of the original equipment is currently scheduled for Wed 16th December.

Update 4 – 16/12 15:30: The original equipment was replaced at around 11am this morning and the customers should have service returned to normal.