Outage – North of the Wrekin 7/4/18 (Updated)

Update 8/4/18 12:09am:

Transmitter is now running stable with backups in place. We are going to keep monitoring over the rest of the weekend.

Original 7/4/18 17:01pm:

We have an issue affecting customers to the north of the Wrekin. We are working on the issue at this moment trying to resolve it. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, and service will be restored as soon as possible. Many Thanks

Transit Provider Maintenance

Please be advised that a maintenance window from 27/11/17 22:00 to 28/11/17 06:00 whereby an outage of approximately 2 hours will occur at our Manchester transit provider.

As such our network will have vulnerability during this time but we do not expect this to be service affecting as our London transit will cover this outage.

Many Thanks

Support Team

uConnect Wrekin Sector 2 Outage – 31 Mar 2016

We are aware of an issue with the sector 2 radio at the Wrekin. This started around 2am on 31/3 and will currently be affecting customers to the east of The Wrekin.

Engineers were unable to resolve the problem remotely and will be on-site this morning. Updates will be posted below when we have more information.

We apologise for any inconvenience this outage has caused. Please be assured our engineers are doing everything they can to restore service.

Update 31/3 14:30
We will need to replace the radio equipment on the mast and are currently waiting a date for climbers. Approximately half the affected customers have service resumed by moving to other sectors. Engineers are currently attempting to provision temporary equipment to try and restore service to as many remaining customers as possible.

Update 11/4 12:00
The equipment has been replaced and service should be back to normal for all users. Please raise a support ticket or contact us if you are still experiencing problems.

uConnect Kynnersley Outage – 08/02/2016 16:30

We are currently aware of an outage on the uConnect network in Kynnersley. This may also be affecting some users in the Hortonwood area.

Engineers are currently on route to investigate the cause of the outage. An update will be provided shortly.

Update 1 08/02 18:00 – Engineers have restored power to the equipment which should have returned service to all users on the Kynnersley mast. Users on Hortonwood will still be experiencing problems as the equipment serving that area requires replacement. This can not be performed this evening due to strong winds.

Update 2 09/02 12:00 – Equipment serving Hortonwood has been replaced and full service should now be restored.

Internet Issue

One of our providers in Manchester is experiencing problems at the moment. We are currently resolving the problem and your service will be restored to normal soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


We have now redirected all traffic via another provider and all services should be back to normal.

uConnect North-East Outage

We are currently experiencing an outage on Sector 1 at The Wrekin which is affecting uConnect customers in the Northeast region.

Engineers are currently on route to the location. We will update with further information when it becomes available.

Update 1 – 8/12 20:15: Engineers have identified that the radio equipment on this sector needs replacement. We are working with the mast owners to schedule the work.

Update 2 – 9/12 14:30: Temporary equipment has been put in place which has resumed service for around 70% of affected customers. Unfortunately we still have no confirmed ETA for climbers to replace the original failed equipment.

Update 3 – 10/12 10:50: All but a handful of customers have service restored. Some have been moved to alternate sectors, while most are connected to temporary equipment. Replacement of the original equipment is currently scheduled for Wed 16th December.

Update 4 – 16/12 15:30: The original equipment was replaced at around 11am this morning and the customers should have service returned to normal.